Focus Area

The Belt and Road Initiative

The “Belt and Road Initiative” policy refers to the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” and has been considered as China’s version of the Marshall Plan. This policy is first introduced in 2013 by Xi jinping, chairman of P.R. of China. The new Belt and Road plan highlights that the scope of the initiative will extend well beyond infrastructure construction. The program will also include efforts to promote greater financial integration and use of the RMB by foreign countries, create an “Information Silk Road” linking regional information and communications technology networks, and lower barriers to cross-border trade and investment in the region, among other initiatives.

Triumphs has a membership of The Maritime Silk Road Society in Hongkong and Guangdong Cross-Border E-Commerce Association. We are keeping a close eye on the “Belt and Road Initiative” policy. Currently, we have established robust communication relationship with Hongkong and Malaysia government. We are dedicated to provide any necessary information to our partner.